Technical visit to Spain

On 10 April the Commission services, upon request, visited the Central Public Employments Services of Spain in Madrid (SEPE) to support the Spanish authorities on thetechnical implementation of ESCO. María José Arias Fernández, National Coordinator of EURES Spain and Head of Guidance and International Programs opened and moderated the meeting in which representatives from the 17 autonomous communities of Spain participated.Representatives from the ESCO team of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission presented the following topics:

  • The use of the mapping platform (live demonstration)
  • The hierarchy of the ESCO skills pillar
  • Update about the situation in other countries
  • Call for proposals for financial assistance
  • Replies to questions coming from the initial draft mapping between ESCO and Spanish occupations

EURES Spain has established a working group – supported by a secretariat – dealing with thestudy of the two implementation scenarios, i.e. either mapping to or adopting ESCO. This was one of the regular meetings of this group.

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