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The second expert workshop took place on 9 April 2019 again in Brussels
during which the experts presented the current status of their work.
Once the skill and knowledge hierarchy is completed, it will enable users to
search and retrieve the ESCO skill and knowledge concepts in order to,
inter alia, compile CVs and job vacancies, link qualifications with ESCO
skill and knowledge concepts, map skill and knowledge classifications to
ESCO, create skill (self-)assessment tools and provide targeted career
11/03/2019 – ۱۲/۰۳/۲۰۱۹
ESCO and Digital Labour Market conference in Slovenia
On 11-12 March 2019, the Commission participated in a two-days
conference on ESCO and Europass in Ljubljana.
The main purpose of the event was to inform different stakeholders, such
as Public employment services, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of
Education, the National Statistical Office and the Chamber of Commerce,
on recent developments focusing on implementation and use cases and to
allow the Commission to support Slovenia in the implementation of ESCO
at national level. The Commission presented the EU skills and
qualifications policy, including ESCO and the European Digitally Signed
02/04/2019 – ۰۳/۰۴/۲۰۱۹
ESCO and Digital Labour Market conference in Poland
On 2-3 April 2019, the Commission participated in a 2-days conference in
Warsaw, organized under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Family,
Labour and Social Policy of Poland, together with the European
Commission’s Representation in Poland and the Union of Entrepreneurs
and Employers in Poland (ZPP),
During the conference, the Commission presented ESCO and the
European Qualifications Framework and provided an overview of the new
Europass and the technical infrastructure for the European Digitally Signed
The conference also included the presentation of national use cases and
projects where ESCO is applied. Following the event, the participant
stakeholders decided to create a national ESCO group where different
relevant services will be able to discuss ESCO-related issues at national
Technical visit to Madrid to support the Spanish authorities on the
implementation of ESCO
On 10 April 2019, upon invitation by the EURES Spain National
Coordinator, the Commission visited the Central Public Employment
Services of Spain (SEPE) in Madrid to offer technical assistance on the
implementation of ESCO in their systems. This was one of the regular
meetings of the working group, which is established by EURES Spain
dealing with the study of the two-implementation scenarios, i.e. either
mapping to or adopting ESCO.
Events with ESCO participation
17 October 2018, Geneva
20th International Conference of Labour Statisticians – Session on the Review of the case for
revision of ISCO-08
15 November 2018, Brussels
Sectoral Skills for the Future – Blueprint in the Spotlight
5-6 December 2018, Seoul
International conference on Active Labour Market Policies for Inclusive Growth and
Employment Services Development
12 December 2018, Ghent
MATES WORKSHOP Mind the gap: Analysis of digital skills needs in the Shipbuilding and Offshore Renewable Energy sectors
17 December 2018
EQF AG Peer Learning Activity: Validating and Valuing transversal skills and competencies
acquired by adults through volunteering and other non-formal learning opportunities
29-30 January 2019, Athens
4-5 February 2019, London
Recruitment Agency EXPO
7 February 2019, Brussels
9th meeting of the ESCO MSWG
19 February 2019, Brussels
Kick off meeting of the Pilot project “Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting for Cultural
and Creative Industries”
19 – 20- 21 March 2019
E-learning EXPO, Paris
21- 22 March 2019, Budapest
PLA on national qualifications databases
26 March 2019, Brussels
29th ESCO Maintenance Committee
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and Inclusion is treated accordingly.

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